Customer Privacy - CCPA and GDPR


California Customer Privacy Act (CCPA) goes into effect in January 2020. Your customers in California can ask your organization which of their Personal Information is being collected and stored.


By law, you would have to provide your customer information on these Personal Identifiers in a readily usable form within 45 days.

Customers can also request that your organization delete these Personal Identifiers from your IT assets promptly.

Failure to respond will result in civil penalties of $2,500 per violation and $7,500 per intentional violation.

Our experienced Privacy consultants can help you become CCPA and GDPR compliant. We will quickly undertake a study and create a complete inventory of all your IT Assets (Marketing, Sales and Service) which store Personally Identifiable customer attributes.

Next, we will propose and implement a cloud analytics data warehousing solution that can be used to respond to these Customer Requests on Personal Identifiers.

We can even help you get ISO 27001 certification (Information Security).

Business Architecture Consulting


Is the Program Management Office (PMO) in your organization proposing & implementing multiple projects only to grapple at later stages that many projects are trying to address the same capabilities? 

Why not take the Capability model approach which is aligned with TOGAF & Business Architecture Guild? 

As your trusted partner, our consultants would start with the WHY - the customer experience, your organization's mission, vision, goals and problem statements.

Next, we would address the WHAT - the value proposition for your customer. We would list the value stream activities and capabilities that are impacted. We will map the capabilities to your IT assets, business data objects, personnel and business process. Also, we would heat map the capabilities to reflect their availability, maturity and cost effectiveness. This would result in a 1 to 2 year capability road-map based on which your digital transformation projects can be planned and kicked off.

Finally, the HOW will be addressed in the implementation of these projects using the Agile or DevOps framework which we would like to gladly be a part of.

Cloud Migration of your Applications


Are you ready to take advantage of Cloud Computing? 

We will help you migrate your on-premise applications to the cloud which will help you realize the following benefits of the Cloud

Cost Effectiveness - No need for CapEx (Capital Expenditure). You pay as you go.

Scalability - Cloud allows you to Scale Up (add resources to increase power of existing resources) or Scale Out (Add more servers that function as one unit).

Elasticity - A cloud solution will automatically handle an increase in web traffic by adding more resources.

Avoid expensive software upgrades and patches.

Reliability - For data backup, data replication and BCDR (Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery).

Our consultants specialize in Cloud Migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).