World History

c.600 B.C.E to c. 600 C.E



Greek religion: Many ancient religions were polytheistic, but what made Greek religion different from many other polytheistic belief systems was that their gods had many shortcomings—they were prone to jealousy, anger, pettiness and other common human faults. Unlike the Jewish god and gods from many other religions, their deities were far from perfect. The Iliad is full of the gods taking sides and becoming angry at each other, which, in the story, often serves to prolong the Trojan War. In one of the most extreme examples of this, Zeus often cheats on his wife Hera, who, when she finds out, is often enraged. Zeus has to therefore accomplish this through various means of deception, none of which are admirable.

Spread of Christianity: Jerome, Augustine, Paul and Constantine helped the spread of Christianity. By 600 C.E. the religion Christianity had become influential all the way from Rome to Britain. This is an example of Cultural Diffusion. As trade routes expanded and more people came in contact with each other, religion, along with technology, supplies, and disease, spread rapidly. Christianity became one of the most far reaching and influential of these religions.