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PJP Consulting LLC: We are a Seattle based software / IT Consulting Company.

Apps: We have released over 100 educational apps (for K-12 and beyond) on various app stores like Apple App store, Google Play Store, Microsoft App Store and Amazon Appstore. We have plans to release more innovative apps in the future.

Strategic Consulting: For all your IT projects, we can help you with Scoping and Blue-Printing, Business Process Mapping, Business Process Re-engineering, Proto-typing, System Analysis & Design and Software Project Management.

App Development: We have the capability to develop apps in native iOS (for apple iPhones and iPads) in Objective C, native Android for Android smart phones & tablets and Windows PC / Mobile. We have capabilities to develop Enterprise Mobile apps, Games, Educational apps and Mobile apps that can promote your business and generate leads. Have you been quoted "outrageous pricing" for Mobile app development by other software companies? Our "reasonable pricing" will surprise you. We deliver either on "hourly cost basis" or a "reasonably priced fixed price basis".

Web and Mobile Advertising using RTB (Real Time Bidding): If you want to monetize your website and increase ad revenue on your website using "Real Time Bidding", do contact us and we can help.

Partner with Us: If you want to partner with us, do shoot us an email at info@qvprep.com