Nursing, Personal Care Attendant (PCA)

Types of Patient Abuse



1: Abuse of an elder comes in many forms.

2: All forms are against the law and carry varying jail sentences and penalties.

3: Any type of abuse causes harm to another person.

4: The harm may be physical, such as a slap. It can also be non-physical, such as a threat to withhold food, medication, or even speaking to the client in a harsh or scolding tone of voice.

5: Even a poor attitude while with your client and exhibiting an attitude of anger or coldness can be abusive. Your client, who is so dependent on you for care, may wonder what they did to make you angry and be afraid to ask.

6: Causing fear is emotional abuse.

7: As you learn about the various types of abuse, remember that anything you do or say that causes the client physical, emotional, or psychological discomfort makes you an abuser. Legally, some types of abuse overlap, which you will see as you complete this chapter.