Nursing, Personal Care Attendant (PCA)

Safely Ambulating Your Client



1: The words ambulate and ambulation refers to walking to maintain strength, bone mass, mobility, and self-esteem.

2: Although some patients can walk, many are unsteady and in need of assistance.

3: Safety tools like transfer or gait belts, crutches, canes, and walkers are helpful when used properly.

4: Always wash your hands, and explain to the patient what you are going to do. Be sure they understand by looking them straight in the face and inviting feedback.

5: Assure the client that you will keep her safe. Your client should wear non-skid footwear that fits properly, and is fastened appropriately.

6: Allow clients to perform any tasks that they can on their own. Lock the wheels on movable beds, and lower the bed if it has adjustable heights.