Nursing, Personal Care Attendant (PCA)

Helping with activities of Daily Living (ADL)



Personal Care Guidance for the PCA: Personal care involves tasks like bathing, grooming, toileting and feeding. Assisting clients with these daily routines is an important part of the PCA's job. Learning to accomplish these tasks while preserving dignity for your client increases your value to any employer.

Helping With Activities of Daily Living (ADL): SWIPES are used by the PCA whenever any type of personal care is about to begin. Supplies are gathered and placed near the work area before beginning the task. Wash your hands. This always applies before touching the client. Identify yourself and your client. Introduce yourself and address the client by name. Provide for privacy. Pull the curtains, close the blinds, close the door, or put a privacy screen in place. Explain what you are there to do and let the client respond if possible. Use eye contact, and speck slowly and clearly directly to your client. Scan the client's room and your work area to make sure everything is in place, dirty items have been removed, and the client is comfortable and safe.