Nursing, Personal Care Attendant (PCA)

Childhood Disease and Disorders



Chickenpox: Chickenpox is a virus that is very contagious. It was a problem with a high percentage of children until the vaccine called varicella-zoster came into use. This vaccine prevents the Chickenpox virus so the occurrence rate has dropped dramatically in recent years. Children who do contract the virus have no serious, lingering effects. Serious complications only arise with adults or those with a compromised immune system. Diseases that used to threaten the lives of children such as whooping cough, measles, and polio are now prevented with vaccinations. It is extremely important for a child to receive immunizations as scheduled by his physician.

Infections caused by viruses or bacteria: Infections caused by viruses or bacteria can strike children as well as any age group. Antibiotics are used for bacterial infections, and anti-viral medication may be prescribed for viruses, especially Influenza. Many times a virus is treated with bed rest, increased fluid intake, and non-prescription medication for symptoms such as fever and cough.

Child abuse: There are several types of child abuse. All can have devastating long-term effects both mentally and physically on the child. More than one type of abuse may be happening at the same time. Not reporting suspected child abuse is punishable by law. Physical abuses are actions that cause, or have the potential to cause, bodily injury to a child. Emotional abuse includes any actions or verbalizations that demean a child and cause low self-esteem. This may include overly criticizing, name-calling, and lack of affectionate behaviors. If a child is not provided sufficient food, clothing, proper shelter, lack of supervision or medical treatment, the lack of care may be referred to as neglect. This can also include keeping a child in a dangerous situation such as allowing them access to guns, alcohol, or drugs.