Web Channel Experience Management



What is Web Channel Experience Management?: Web Channel Experience Management is an internet channel available for CRM customers. It combines e-sales, e-service and e-marketing, using the same interface and even webshop. Therefore it is a full experience for the web channel user.

B2C and B2B: WEXM can be used in as well a B2C as a B2B scenario.

CRM or ERP Backend: WEXM is available for use with either a CRM or ERP backend. For CRM E-Sales, E-Service and E-marketing is available. For ERP only E-sales can be provided.

Web Shop: The web shop can easily be maintained in the Web Channel Builder, an integrated configuration tool that does not require any specific technical knowledge. Orders or other transactions, created in the web shop can be further processed in the backend.

MDM (master data management): In between the backend and the web shop, MDM (master data management) takes care of the product catalog maintenance.