Interaction Center in Marketing



Which marketing processes are executed in Interaction Center?: For marketing as well inbound as outbound processes exist. This means that customers can contact the interaction center themselves, but can also be contacted by the contact center. The main scenario for marketing in IC is lead management.

What is lead management?: A lead is a possible interest for your company’s service or product, that is recorded in the lead transaction. It can be initiated from the customer, calling the IC to e.g. get some more information – or inbound – or it can be initiated by the call center agent, creating a call list for customers he will call. In the last case the communication is outbound and the leads can be automatically created from the call list.

What is a call list?: A call list is a list of customers to be contacted. It is usually created by a person in a management position that assigns call lists to employees/agents. A call list can be setup in the IC manager business role or in the SAPgui Call List Maintenance.