Interaction Center



What is the interaction center?: The interaction center is a CRM channel through which agents can interact with customers, like e.g. in the scenario of a call center. The SAP CRM interaction center contains integration features for telephony systems, i.e. CTI. A specific set of business roles exists for the CRM webUI. The interaction center business roles are also technically different from any other crm business role and needs some specific technical settings.

What is account identification?: In the scenario of the interaction center, an account first needs to be identified before any other activity can be done for this account/customer. This means that the account has to exist as a business partner in the system. From the moment a customer calls the interaction center, the first thing the agent has to do is search for the customer details on the account identification screen. By entering the name of the customer or any other details that may identify the customer record, a list of possible records appears on the screen. By selecting the correct entry and confirming it, by means of the confirm button, the customer has been identified and the agent can continue his activities. Whenever the agent has finished his interactions with the customer he has to end the call with the so called button, in order to close the account identification. Before he has done that he will not be able to identify a next customer.

What is the agent inbox?: In terms of interaction center, the inbox is not related to e-mails. In the agent inbox, an agent can pick up transactions to act upon, based on a specific selection. E.g. he can filter on status, team or individual assignment, date. The settings for the inbox selection fields, can be configured in the inbox profile, in spro.