User Profile



What is the user profile?: The user profile or user id, contains all information on the type of user, which roles he is assigned to, what he can do, and some specifics indicated by parameters. The user id can be maintained in transaction SU01. This transaction may have restricted access, depending on the system and company policy. The user id consist of a) general data b) Logon data - Here you maintain the password c) Parameters - In the parameters you can for example add the business role you want the user always to log on to. for this you use parameter ‘crm_ui_profiles’, when adding a * as value, you can see all existing roles when logging in to the WebUI. D) Roles assigned, composite and single

How can you check the authorization of a user in the WebUI?: For this you can use transaction ST01. You indicate the components you want it to trace, i.e. authorization check. You activate the trace. Execute the activity/functionality you want to trace. De-activate the trace. Click ‘analysis’ to view the trace.