Navigation Bar Profile, work center page, work center link group, direct link group



What is a Navigation Bar Profile?: With the navigation bar profile you define the menus and the content of those menus that can be displayed or hidden in the business role. In the navigation bar profile you can define the work center pages, work center link groups and direct link groups. Those are then configurable (display or hide, change description, …) in the business role.

What is a work center page?: A work center page is one specific functionality, defined a as a bsp page. Typically in the crm WebUI, you will find ‘Create’ options and ‘Search’ options. E.g. Create Sales Order or Search Sales Orders. Every work center page has a work center ID. The create pages IDs end by ‘CR’ and the search pages IDs end by SR.

What is a work center link group?: A work center link group, is a selection of work centers, grouped together. Assigning a work center link group to the navigation bar profile, will result in that selection of work centers being available for configuration in the business role.

What is a direct link group?: A direct link group is a selection of work centers that is directly available from the navigation bar on the left of the WebUI frame. The direct link opens immediately the work center that you need and can be configured up to object type level. E.g. you can indicate which transaction type needs to be used for ‘create sales order’ in that link.

How can the navigation bar profile be configured?: You configure the navigation bar profile in transaction CRMC_UI_NBLINKS or in SPRO IMG>CRM>UI FRAMEWORK. Select or create the work center link group and the direct link group and make settings for the display sequence of each work center. This sequence can still be changed in the business role configuration.