Business Roles



What is a Business Role?: The business role allows a user to execute CRM functions that are related to the persons function in a company. It determines the selection of screens that can be selected, the data that is displayed and can be used and the authorizations that are linked to all of that. The business role can be configured in the SAPgui. A list of standard business roles are delivered by SAP, with a series of specific business functions.

Example of Business Roles: A) SALESPRO (Sales Professional), with functionalities like sales order management, activities and account management. B) SERVICEPRO (Service Professional), with functionalities like service order management, service requests and Ibase management. C) MARKETINGPRO (Marketing Professional), with functionalities like campaign management, leads and business partner segmentation.

How can a Business Role be configured?: The business role can be configured in transaction CRMC_UI_PROFILE or via SPRO>IMG>CRM>UI FRAMEWORK. Usually a new role is created when a standard role is supporting the business needs required. Any minor difference with the standard role, requires the creation of a new business role. The customer namespace Z or Y has to be used for that. Select the role that is closest to the one you want to create and create a copy. Then make the changes required.

Settings for a business role: The settings for a business role consist of a) Navigation bar profile b) Configuration key c) PFCG role ID d) Technical profile e) Layout Profile f) Function Profile(s)