What is the CRM WebUI?: The CRM WebUI, or Webclient User Interface, is a bsp based interface for working with CRM business processes. The data is directly displayed from the CRM database. Different from the SAPgui, the WebUI is built up to be able to work intuitively and aims to give a user-friendly way of processing data and transactions.

What is the L-shape?: The screens of the WebUI are designed in a specific way. It looks like an L, upside down. On the left side of the screen, different menu options are available. This left column is called the Navigation Bar. The Header Bar contains functions that can be used throughout the WebUI, whichever screen you are working in. They will be available at any time. In the header bar at the left you can find the ‘saved search’ area. These are searches that have been saved from any business object query page in the webUI and they can be called at any time. This is very handy if you have to search for a certain set of business partners in a certain area for example. The rest of the screen is called the Work Area, this is where the screens to be maintained will be displayed and can be edited. In the work area you work on e.g. maintaining a transaction. The screen is divided in several parts that are displayed one after another vertically, e.g. the first part is ‘General’, then you have a part ‘Parties in volved’, and another ‘Items List’. These blocks are called ‘Assignment blocks’.