Checking Outbound Queues



Where can the outbound queue be checked?: The transaction code for viewing the outbound queue is SMQ1. This is data that is being sent from another system. Also here you can select by queue. If the data exchange does not encounter any problems or data load performance issues this should process quite fast and you have to be quick to see the queue being processed. Double clicking a queue reveals the contents and indicates problems, should there be any.

Queue Names: Queue names are formed by a prefix, followed by the object number. The prefixes are defined in the following way:

CRI*: : Initial load from CRM to CDB (consolidated database for Mobile Sales application)

CRM_SITE*: : Loads from Mobile clients (= mobile sales) to CRM

R3A*: : Loads for R/3 to CRM. R3AI (initial load) and R3AD (delta load)

CSA*: : Loads for CRM server apps