Checking Inbound Queues



Where can the inbound queue be checked?: The transaction code for checking the inbound queue, data coming from ECC (or other systems for which this mechanism is used) is SMQ2. Here you can select a specific queue you want to see or view all queues that are in process. When double clicking a queue, you can view the contents and detect problems if this would be the case. If the data exchange does not encounter any problems or data load performance issues this should process quite fast and you have to be quick to see the queue being processed. Queue names are formed by a prefix, followed by the object number. The prefixes are defined in the following way:

EXT*: Loads from CRM to External systems

CRM_SITE*: : Loads from CRM to Mobile clients (= mobile sales)

R3AU*: : Loads from CRM to for R/3

CSA*: : Loads from CRM server apps