What is a holder in the organizational model?: A holder is a business partner that is assigned to a position in the organizational model. Usually the business partner will have the partner role ‘employee’. A holder is therefore, an employee holding a certain position.

How is the holder assigned in the organizational model?: The holder is not created in the organizational model, as is merely a link between the business partner and the position. As a result, it is assigned to the position. Select the position you want to assign the holder to, right click and select ‘assign’, choose ‘holder’. From the business partner selection screen you can search for the business partner you would like to assign to the position. If a user id was indicated in the settings of the business partner, it will also be visible in the structure, below the holder. You can also assign only a user id to a position, instead of a holder. Therefore, you select the position, richt click ‘assign’ and choose ‘user’. Search for the user id and select. This way you cannot use any organizational processes based on the employee in the organizational model.