What is a position in the organizational model?: A position (object key S) represents a job role that is linked to a certain organizational unit. As a result, a position is always a subnode of an organizational unit. More than one position can be linked to the same organizational unit.

How do you create a position in the organizational model?: In transaction ppoma_crm or you can maintain the organizational structure. Select the organizational unit to which you want to attach the position, possible the root organization (top node . Then select ‘new node’ (or right click, select assign), indicate that you want to create a ‘position’ (as opposed to an organizational unit, holder or user). If you want to create a leadership or management position in an organizational unit, you flag the checkbox ‘head of own organization’. In SAP terms this is called the ‘chief’ position. Fill in the following information a) ID: short code for the position, e.g. SAL_REP b) Description: short description for the organizational unit: Sales Representative. Note: attributes will be inherited from the upper node(s). One or more holders and/or one or more users can be assigned to a position