Organizational Model



What is the organizational model?: The organizational model is the functional organizational structure of your company. You define business units as organizational units. To the organizational units you can attach positions that are relevant for the unit and to the positions you assign employees and/or user id’s of employees. The organizational model in CRM can be used for business role assignment, restricting and allowing certain authorizations. It is also used in transactions for determination of organizational data The organizational model can be maintained from the WebUI or from the SAPgui, SPRO>IMG>CRM>Master Data>Organizational management>Organizational model or transaction ppoma_crm.

What is an organizational unit?: An organizational unit is an organizational object (object type key O), which is used to form the basis of an organizational model. Organizational units are functional units of a company. Depending on how task distribution is organized in a company, these can be, e.g., departments, groups or project teams.

How is an organizational unit created in CRM?: : In transaction ppoma_crm or you can maintain the organizational structure. Select the node to which you want to attach the organizational unit, possible the root organization (top node). Then select ‘new node’, indicate that you want to create an ‘organizational unit’ (as opposed to a position, holder or user). Fill in the following information a ID: short code for the organizational unit, e.g. SAL_EAST b) Description: short description for the organizational unit: Sales Department East c) Responsibility: indicate whether it’s a Sales, Service or Marketing unit d) General attribute maintenance: set values for attributes in the Sales, Service and/or Marketing scenario. Note: everytime you make a change to the attributes of an organizational object (also position) you have to select the checkbox ‘use in determination’. If you do not do this, your sales org determination will not work with this organizational object.