Organizational Data Determination



What is organizational data?: : A business transaction is assigned to a sales organization and/or a service organization. The indication of the organizational unit and the linked sales organization is the organizational data of a transaction.In the WebUI this is in the assignment block Organizational Data.

What is organizational data determination?: : With organizational data determination, you indicate how the system can automatically determine the sales or service organization that is relevant for your transaction. This is done based on a set of rules, indicated in an organizational data profile.

How can the organizational data profile be configured?: : The organizational data profile is assigned in the business transaction type and can be configured in spro>img>crm>master data>organizational management>organizational data determination. In the profile you select for which scenario (sales or service) it will be used, and you assign a determination rule.

What is an organizational data determination rule?: : An organization data determination rule contains the organizational attributes that will be checked for determining the sales/service organization in a transaction. E.g. If the attribute postal code is assigned to the rule, then the postal code of the main business partner of the transaction will be checked and if a match with a sales/service organization is found, that organization automatically be entered in the business transaction. If more than 1 organization matches the rule, a selection menu with all possible entries will be displayed at the creation of the transaction, in the WebUI.

How is the organizational data determination rule configured?: : The rule can be configured in spro>img>master data>organizational management>organizational rule. You select if the rule is based upon the organizational model or upon responsibility of the transaction’s employee responsible. You enter the attributes needed. You assign the rule to the organizational data profile. You assign the organizational data profile to the business transaction.