Set Types



General Set Types: Descriptions, Units of Measure, Notes/Sales Notes, Sales: Control Fields, Quantities, Sales: Groupings and Taxes are examples of "General Set Types" which are used by materials, services, warranties, financing, financial services and intellectual property management.

Set Types for materials: Basic Data on Materials, Gobal Trade Item Numbers and Financing-Dependent Attributes are examples of set types for material products.

Set Types for Services: Transaction Control Fields, Duration of Work, Resource Requirement, Default Values for Service Contracts, Service Plan and Serial Number Processing in Service are examples of set types for service products.

Set Types for Warranties: Warranty, Warranty Catalog Data, Warranty Services and Warranty Counter Data are examples of set types for warranties products.

Set Types for Financing, Financial Services and Intellectual Property Management: SAP also provides standard out of the box set types for Financing products, Financial Services products and Intellectual Property Management products.

Enhances attributes and set types: If a company needs, it can create its own custom attributes and save a collection of these attributes into a custom set type. This custom set type can be used with other custom set types or SAP provided out of the box set types and attatched to lower level categories. One or more lower level catgeory is then assigned to a higher level category. Finally, you can attatch a product to the product category which will ensure that you can create data for the custom attributes that you created in your custom set type.