Types of Products



Types of Products: SAP CRM allows us to create and maintain the following product types: a) Material b) Service c) Warranty d) Financing e) Financial Services f) Intellectual Property

Attributes: Each individual product can have a detailed description in each of the language. Thus a product detailed description in English or Spanish or Chinese is an attribute. The collection of the product description in all languages is called a set. SAP CRM provides a standard out of the box set type called “description” which has a technical name “COMM_PR_SHTEXT”. Again, a product can have different units of measures. The product can be stored in one unit of measure (say dozens) and sold and delivered in another unit of measure (say in single pieces). Thus basic unit of measure, unit of measure for sales and unit of measure for delivery are attributes which collectively are stored in the set type “Unit of Measure” which has a technical name COMM_PR_UNIT.

Set Types: Thus collection of attributes make a set type. A collection of set types make a lower level category. A collection of lower level categories make a higher level category.

Categories: Important: Categories are assigned to products. This enables us to define the data contained in the product category, set type and attributes to the product.