QVprep Biology Lessons

What are biomes?, Commonly classified biomes, What is a biosphere?, What are ecosystems?



What are biomes?: Biomes are larger units of organization that categorize regions of the Earth's ecosystems, mainly according to the structure and composition of vegetation. It is classified based on climate, precipitation, weather and other environmental variables.

Commonly classified biomes: Some commonly classified biomes include: Tropical rainforest, Temperate forest, Deciduous forest, Taiga, Tundra, Hot desert , Polar desert, Marine, Freshwater

What is a biosphere?: The largest scale of ecological organization is the biosphere. It is the sum total of all ecosystems on the planet.

What are ecosystems?: Ecosystems are habitats within biomes that form an integrated and a dynamically responsive system having both physical and biological complex components. Within an ecosystem, organisms are linked to the physical and biological components of their environment to which they are adapted. Ecosystems are broadly categorized as terrestrial, freshwater, atmospheric, or marine.